About Us

QuarterMaster Australia supply go anywhere food packs. Perfectly suited to emergency services, corporate days or any outdoor adventurer that needs nutritious, easy to transport, sustenance.

About us

Quartermaster Australia specialises in providing meal packs and electrolyte solutions for emergency services and for general outdoor use.

We believe we provide a unique service using the best products we can source. We also have our own range of quality food products manufactured exclusively for Quartermaster Australia. Key to our food packs are their simplicity to heat (if required) and great flavours. We also custom make packs to suit customers needs and are happy to discuss this and to give advice.

Bulk discount is also available to corporate and government agencies.

Quartermaster Australia is 100% Australian owned family company located in Sydney at Seven Hills NSW.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiry.


Mark Costello
Managing Director
Quartermaster Australia