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All meals are 300g

Beef Stew Allergens : Sulphite.
Chicken Casserole Allergens : Milk Solids
Vegetable Tagine Allergens : Milk Solids, Sulphite, Soy.

Each pack contains 300g meal, HotPack heater, spoon and wipe in a sealed bag.

Insert the unopened meal into HotPack heater bag with 20ml of water, and 12 minutes later enjoy a hot delicious meal.

Please note there is a minimum order of 6 meals.

Only $14.00 each

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Beef Chilli and Rice
Beef Stew
Chicken Casserole
Chicken Jambalaya
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Vegetable Tagine
Choose your own Meals
Choose your own Meals
Choose your own Meals